Earn up to €1.000* for each successful referral that results into a client

*10% commission fee with a maximum of €1.000

Wait. How does this work?

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    Apply to the referral program

    Your support in sending people to (jve) STUDIO is very valued, so I want to reward you with a referral commission in return. Fill out the form below to get started.

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    Recommend (jve) STUDIO

    If you are aware of someone or a business in need of a digital product, such as a web app or mobile app, kindly encourage them to reach out to me.

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    Referral Agreement document

    If your referral successfully results into a client project, I will send over a Referral Agreement document outlining the terms and conditions and your exact commission amount.

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    When the referral project is finished and after I have received the payment, you will be paid your commission fee.


  • I noticed most of our clients hear about (jve) STUDIO through word-of-mouth recommendations, making my clients the best ambassadors. I want to reward you and strengthen our partnership for spreading the word about (jve) STUDIO.
  • The Referral Program is open to anyone. However, to receive the commission fee you must provide (jve) STUDIO with an invoice that meets EU regulations from a registrated business indicating the amount of the commission fee as agreed in the Referral Agreement Document.

    If you're not able to participate as a business, I will pay the commission fee in the form of Airbnb credits equivalent to the amount of the commission fee as agreed in the Referral Agreement Document.

  • The document outlines the terms and conditions of the referral program, making the arrangement legally binding. This provides clarity on the rights and responsibilities of all parties involved ensuring that the program operates smoothly and fairly.
  • The commission fee will be paid in the next following 14 days after (jve) STUDIO has received the final payment from the referred client.
  • You can make as many referrals as you want. There is no limit.
  • You can contact me any time to get a status of your referral. However, making a referral does not mean you are entitled to any updates about the project of the referred client itself.